Frequently Asked Questions

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The password for the wifi is +WhyNot+. Remember to login to the router on your apartment floor as the signal strength otherwise may vary.Please make sure to change if you change location.

Rent is to be paid prior the 1st of every month to the same account as you transferred the deposit and prepaid rent to. We will send out a payment notification however if we were to miss one it is still your responsibility to make sure that the payment is made on time.

All of our apartments live up to the requirements for receiving boligstøtte and CPR registration. Please note that you cannot register your CPR on the address before you have moved in. Couples are allowed as long as one of you live up to the requirements of residency.

Please make sure to clean after yourself after using the Work Space Area. It is not possible to rent/reserve the area for private events as the area is to be shared at all times among the residents of the building.

The laundry room is located in the basement and is a Laundromat. Please visit saniva.dk/vasketur– “Valbykollegiet” for more information on use.

Please make sure to remove your clothes and drying rack from the laundromat once your clothes are dry – you’re a lot of residents using the space and furthermore the area is to be cleaned once a week and the cleaning company cannot access the area properly if your stuff is everywhere.

The building and outdoor area is fully equipped with video surveillance. In case of stolen items, suspicious behaviour, intruders etc. please do not hesitate to contact us via email or the emergency phone.

It is not allowed to keep pets in your apartment.

If the lamp in your kitchen stops working, please contact the administration for help. If the sensor and lamp in the bathroom stop working, please switch off all electricity (the tall cupboard in the kitchen) and wait for 60 seconds, turn the power on again and this should fix the issue. If not please contact the administration.

Maintaining the drain in the bathroom, shower head, fridge, kitchen extractor etc. is your own responsibility. If in doubt, please write us an email.

There is a closet on each floor with a mop and vacuum cleaner that you can borrow. PLEASE clean and put it back after use

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You are allowed to sublease your apartment, note that the person(s) subleasing need to live up to the requirements of being a resident at Valby Studio Apt.
Lastly please notify the administration if you wish to do so.

If you wish to end your lease please fill out this formula

Please make sure to sort your garbage properly. Kitchen and general waste go into the big blue container. Please read on every single container what you can and cannot put – e.g. milk cartons and pizza trays are not to be put in the cardboard bins.

The bins outside the main entrances of the building are NOT to be used for kitchen garbage as it attracts rats and birds.

Larger garbage items such as beds, closets, chairs etc. are to be handed in at the waste management facility across the road (Kulbanevej Genbrugsstation). Putting larger items next to the blue waste container will lead to a removal fee of 500DKK.

The phone hours are Wednesdays between 9-11 at ( +45 ) 7370 7687

You can also write us at admin@hcsp.dk. We do our best to reply to emails as fast as we can but expect 1-3 days.


Phone and Email

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